Do you need to understand more about how your reticulation system works, the different elements involved and some common problems you might encounter?

This blog is our complete guide to reticulation systems in Perth – containing  everything you need to know about reticulation systems and reticulation repair services

reticulation repairs in Perth

Why are they so important? Well, when you head off on holidays, there are certain things we all consider – from arranging for pets to saving meals, emptying the fridge, and locking everything up. 

But the most overlooked is: what about your garden? Making sure your lawn stays happy and healthy, and your plants continue to grow and thrive while you are away is crucial. That’s why having a high-quality, professionally installed and automated reticulation system is so important. 

What is a Reticulation System?

A reticulation system is an automatic piped water distribution network to create a consistent, even distribution of water to your lawns and gardens – without you needing to pick up a hose multiple times a week. Reticulation gives you peace of mind by watering your garden efficiently and evenly and can be programmed to your preference and your local watering times and schedule. 

‘Globally, the highest number of irrigation projects are in India, and within the country, the highest number is in Maharashtra’

Sharad Pawar 

Installing reticulation can be a simple process that delivers long-term benefits to your landscape and property value – if the right company is chosen. When making your choice of a reticulation system installer, try to choose a company that:

  • Is a qualified and proven reticulation installation Perth company;
  • Is an environmentally-conscious company for a waterwise system; 
  • Ensures that the design and installation of your reticulation system is tailored to your property; 
  • Guarantees the design is also tailored to your gardening needs and local environmental constraints;
  • Uses quality parts and materials for system longevity;
  • Takes into account the overall aesthetic of your landscape – installing parts of the system underground when important to the enjoyment of your garden design. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Reticulation? 

When it comes to reticulation repairs, no company can provide an accurate quote until they have actually begun the system diagnostic process to fully understand what the problems are, where they are and what optimisations are needed. 

This is why we charge a callout fee of $99, then $100 an hour (charged in 15-min increments) – so you are charged based on how much time the technician spends on your system, and no more. We also provide an itemised invoice so you can see exactly what parts and materials have been used for the repairs/optimisation of your system and what you are paying for. 

Important Features to Contemplate

Before having a reticulation system installed, you need to familiarise yourself with the elements involved.

Choose a Reticulation system installer

The first step is to choose a reticulation system company that specialises in reticulation systems installations and repairs


The use of proper, high-quality products is key to a reticulation system that will last and cause minimal repairs in the long term. Getting cheap reticulation system parts from Bunnings will always cause more issues as they will break down sooner – a costly business if those broken, leaking parts are buried underground! You will pay more in the short-term, but enjoy the benefits for the life of your system.

Here are some of the key parts in a reticulation system: 


Piping is vital for the success of your reticulation system. There are two types of piping materials used in this process. PVC is used for mainlines and in lawn areas and Polypipe is used only in garden beds.

The Controller

The controller, i.e. the water management system, allows you to control when your garden is watered and for how long – whether you are at home or away. Some of the leading brands include Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Orbit.


Solenoids are in-line valves that allow water to flow by opening and closing as per the programs set through the controller.

Flow Rate 

The WFR and the water pressure must be carefully measured as it is vital for a well designed reticulation system. It allows you to accurately zone your reticulation system so that each zone waters efficiently and at optimum capacity.

Non-Return Valve 

These allow the manual isolation of the irrigation system from the main water supply. Isolation valves ensure that there can be no return of reticulation water back into drinking water.

There are other elements involved in a reticulation system, such as sprinkler and drippers. The appropriate placement of the equipment also plays an important role. Make sure that the materials used are suited to your terrain and environmental conditions.

Reticulation Repairs

Repairing and maintaining your reticulation system  is something a lot of homeowners struggle with – and the last thing you want to do is spend your Saturday and free time trying to diagnose and fix your reticulation! 

But, if your system has been professionally installed with quality materials, your repairs should be easily handled by our team as long as you need us. Even if we didn’t install your system, our technicians are experts at assessing, troubleshooting and diagnosing and repairing reticulation system issues – so you don’t have to go through it yourself when you can hire experts to take care of it on your behalf. If you are sure there is a problem with your reticulation system but you are unaware of what it is, we would be happy to help you out, just get in touch with our expert team.  

After installation, everything needs appropriate and regular maintenance. To ensure the continued life and health of your lawn, you must keep your reticulation up-to-date. Qualified irrigation technicians only use state-of-the-art equipment that meets the best safety standards. Your garden will have the right amount of water and nutrients, and you will notice your plants and grass thriving as soon as your irrigation system begins operating at its optimal performance. 

Most Common Reticulation Repair Problems in Perth and How to Avoid Them

Your reticulation system will need proper upkeep and troubleshooting from time to time. There may be simple fixes or more complex issues that require the help of professional reticulation technicians.  

Here are some of the more common reticulation issues that might need repair in your system and some information to help you understand what might be happening…

Dripper Issues

The most common problem you can have with drip emitters is clogging. When you slow the output down to rates like one gallon per hour, it doesn’t take much to clog up. If you have a single emitter that isn’t flowing, you have to replace the emitter. But if you have a whole set of emitters not flowing, there could be a couple of things going on:

  • The poly tubing was damaged and allowed dirt into the system;
  • Something is pinching or kinking the tubing;
  • Roots may have invaded the tubing;
  • Sometimes emitters will put out too much water. If it’s one or two of them, they might need replacement. If all your emitters have high flow rates, then the problem is most likely a failed pressure regulator. 

All About Solenoid Valves

Valves are simply on and off switches so there are only two possible malfunctions. They either don’t turn on or they don’t turn off. There are very few parts to a valve and they can be easily repaired, the main elements of a solenoid valves are: the solenoid also called coil; the casing; a diaphragm; a spring, and often a manual override screw or switch. Irrigation valves work both electrically and hydraulically to open and close. Some common electrical problems with valves are:

  • The wiring connection at the valve has been corroded;
  • The solenoid has failed;
  • The wiring between the valve and the controller has been damaged;

The main hydraulic problems with valves are:

  • Dirt or debris accumulation inside the valve;
  • The diaphragm has a hole or tear.

Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is one of the major factors behind poor lawn and garden coverage. Fixing it is simple as poor water pressure typically comes from blockage, faulty hardware, broken pipes, and backend issues. It could also be a result of a poorly-designed system for the pressure of  in cases where the water pressure and flow are reduced by the water-corporation the solution is often to redesign the system by either using lower flow outlets and or splitting the zones.

The Irrigation Keeps Starting Over Again or coming on at random times 

This is almost always caused by extra start times being accidentally entered or a poorly set controller. Check the programming to delete any unwanted start times. Duplicating information in more than one program can also cause this problem to persist. Remember that a dual program controller is like two controllers in one box. If you have the same information in two programs for the same stations, you have instructed it to run them twice. 

Hydrawise reticulation controller for irrigation system

The Irrigation Seems to Run at Strange Times

Remember to check all the available programs in your controller. Also, double-check that the start times are correct as to AM and PM. If this seems to be OK, then check to make sure the controller is displaying the proper current time and day. If this is incorrect, re-set it and check on it the next day. One of the most common reasons your irrigation will run at strange times is if you’ve lost your programs and the controller has reverted to the factory default.

The Controller Won’t Respond Regardless of What Button is Pushed

A power surge can cause electronic-type controllers to freeze or lock-up. Don’t panic, most of the time there is no permanent damage. All you have to do is remove the power to the controller for a short time to allow the microprocessor to revive itself, some controllers have a reset function. You don’t want the processor to hold any information that may be causing the problem. Give it a couple of minutes and then re-apply power to the controller and re-program as usual. If the symptoms do not go away after this procedure, contact the manufacturer or a qualified irrigation technician to perform further testing to identify the issue and come up with solutions.

There is no feeling better than walking barefoot on your own lush carpet of green grass, feeling the dewy blades between your toes and the cool of the earth taking away your worries. But to be able to enjoy this feeling, staying on top of your reticulation maintenance is what you and your garden in Perth need. 

The Comprehensive Guide to Sprinkler Maintenance 

When things start going wrong with an irrigation system, in most cases it is either a programming error or the problem lies in the main parts – such as the sprinklers. 

People don’t give sprinklers due credit. These unsung heroes are the primary reason your lawn stays in optimal condition all year long. But all too often, people miss the signs that their sprinkler system is performing poorly, or is flat-out broken. Following is a comprehensive guide to sprinkler issues, and how to avoid and diagnose them.

Dismantled sprinkler for repair by Perth Reticulation Experts

Broken Sprinkler

A broken sprinkler will shoot a geyser of water high into the air and the problem is usually spotted pretty quickly. but it can also leak underground and paddle up. In any cases this needs to be repaired urgently as the rest of the system will lack the pressure and flow required to operate efficiently


Make sure your sprinklers are spraying onto the grass and not on sidewalks, driveways, or the street. The nozzles can get knocked out of alignment over time and need inspections regularly.

Pop Up Failure

A pop-up sprinkler has multiple parts, the body, the riser, a spring and a seal + the nozzle – sand or debris can often block the nozzle or jam the risers. if walken/driven or mowed over,  sprinklers can also snap or be damaged – repairing or flushing a sprinkler isn’t a complicated task but you want to make sure to replace with an equivalent one to avoid having different application rates and un-heaven application of water


Make sure you are not running your sprinklers too long on sloped or compacted soil. Most sprinklers apply the water faster than our soil can absorb it.  you can try and use nozzle with a slower application rate, aerate your soil and apply wetting agent to help with water penetration

A Faulty Sprinkler Controller

The controller is the most important component in your entire sprinkler system. It performs some vital functions, including:

  • It turn the water on and off as per the program and automate watering
  • Some controllers can be connected to wifi and can be operated remotely
  • Some controllers have the ability to connect to local weather station or measuring equipment such as flow meters, wind and rain sensors and adapt the watering cycle accordingly

Ineffective Head Height

Ineffective head height is something not many people even register as an issue. It’s only after they notice that parts of their lawn aren’t receiving proper coverage that they realize something is amiss. As a general tip, if your lawn’s health seems inconsistent, sprinkler head height is one of the first things you should check for. 

A sprinkler head that is too high will result in water missing appropriate areas entirely. The shorter pop-up heads will cause all the water to puddle around the head. Using a taller pop-up head will fix this problem easily. 

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Lastly, clogged sprinkler heads are an extremely common issue. If your head isn’t rising or water isn’t flowing consistently, this defect may be the reason. Always be sure to check that your sprinkler’s spray pattern is not blocked. 

When can Sprinklers Be Turned On in Perth?

Sprinklers in Perth can be turned on before 9am and after 6pm on the dedicated watering days for your area – you can check your watering days on the water corp website. The best watering time is the first thing in the morning. It helps when photosynthesis starts and the lawn is starting to wake up and drink.

Reticulation Tips and System Maintenance

Retic Maintenance

Reticulation maintenance is as crucial for your landscape as a proper system installation. You can either look after your reticulation maintenance yourself or hire a well-known repair service company to do the job for you. 

Taking Care of Your Water Reticulation System

Reticulation repairs in Perth are essential due to the harsh weather in the region, which rapidly dries out lawns and gardens. The maintenance of your garden reticulation systems will keep your garden healthy and looking fresh. Go for upgrades if you are tired of the old look – change your system to suit a new layout or garden design.

Water-saving Techniques

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty to save water in the landscape. With simple and practical optimisations to the garden and a waterwise reticulation system that uses the water efficiently,  homeowners can reduce water usage while maintaining attractive and healthy lawns and landscapes.

  1. Mulch Trees and garden beds 

In addition to beautifying the landscape, mulch provides numerous benefits in the garden. Mulch reduces evaporation and works to retain soil moisture. Wood, pine straw, and other plant-based mulches also add organic material to the garden over time, which helps improve the water-holding capacity of soils.

  1. Maintain Sprinklers and Irrigation Equipment

Leaky faucets and broken sprinkler heads waste huge amounts of water. Taking time to check irrigation equipment and connections can save a lot of money on your water bill. Look for the leaks and broken, buried, or jammed sprinkler heads. Traditional hose connections at the faucet and sprinkler can also leak and are easily repaired.

  1. Not Frequent but Deep Watering
    Much of the water is lost to runoff when it is applied too quickly. Slow irrigation allows water to properly soak into the ground. Drip irrigation is excellent for this purpose, but lowering the water flow to sprinklers also works. 

Allow irrigation to run long enough to wet soils to a depth of six inches. Deep irrigation encourages healthier root systems. Watering too frequently and too shallow encourages shallow root systems that are more susceptible to drought. Reduce the frequency of watering, allowing soils to dry between watering. 

  1. Decrease Run-Off

Run-off from the landscape not only wastes water but can also be a source of pollution to natural waterways, as run-off carries soil particles and lawn chemicals to streams and lakes. By preventing run-off, gardeners keep water in the landscape, where it can be used by plants. 

A run-off occurs when water is applied too heavily. Water flowing over hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks is another common source of run-off from residential landscapes. Reduce run-off by:

  • Aligning sprinkler heads to avoid irrigating roads, sidewalks, and driveways;
  • Using drip irrigation and other low-volume delivery systems to irrigate slowly;
  • Building rain gardens to trap water on slopes and harvesting rainwater from downspouts;
  • Direct downspouts to empty into the landscape rather than the street or other hard surfaces.
  1. Get Smart Mechanics

If you are using an irrigation system, consider upgrading to a ‘smart’ controller or installing a rain sensor. Smart water controllers measure weather and soil moisture conditions. Rain sensors are inexpensive and can be retrofitted to most irrigation systems. Adjust your irrigation system according to the weather conditions. Try to avoid the habit of ‘set it and forget it’, as plants need different care throughout the year, like us.

Whether you are tech-savvy or traditional, these simple management practices will give you a successful landscape maintenance regime. 

What is Included in Reticulation Repair and Servicing?

Reticulation repair and services includes a range of services form sprinkler repair or replacement, to entire installations of irrigation systems. Single parts can be replaced quickly, whilst digging up piping and replacing pumps can consume more time and energy. 

Reticulation companies in Perth spend winter months installing reticulation systems as summers here can be long and scorching – whilst summer month are predominantly spent making repairs. Repairs range from the smallest jobs that need doing such as a reticulation controller that requires re-setting or a broken sprinkler to full reticulation repairs, reticulation upgrade, or conversion. At Perth Reticulation Experts, we do it all!

Other services that we offer include: 

Our services and solutions include regular repair and overhaul, or modification of existing irrigation and reticulation systems: issues such as solenoids, wiring, blocked or broken pipes, and sprinklers.

Has this helped you understand more about your reticulation system?

We created this guide to help you understand more about installing, repairing and maintaining irrigation and reticulation systems in Perth. Give new life to your dying lawn by determining the cause of its condition with the help of this guide. With ongoing garden maintenance, your property will become the envy of the entire neighbourhood. 

Perth Reticulation Experts

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Welcome to the other side of the fence, where the grass is greener. At Perth Reticulation Experts, we will install a system so efficient, waterwise and high-quality that the work done will be reflected on your property for many years to come. We use the best-quality parts, provide the highest level of customer care and service to regulate these green spaces for the better. 

We provide our reticulation repair and services to residential and commercial properties across all Perth suburbs From regular maintenance to diagnosing and repairing more complicated system faults, we are here to help. 

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