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Reticulation stuck – on or off

Water Pressure issues

Solenoid Valve Location

Optimising Reticulation Coverage

Wiring issues

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Retic repairs save your garden – and wallet

While some repairs are more urgent than others, whenever your reticulation system is not up to scratch, the resulting impact on the health of your garden is just as serious! It’s hard enough to keep your garden green in our tough Perth climate – the last thing you need is your irrigation system letting you down.

Whatever is wrong with your system, our technicians can provide repairs and any replacement parts you need, along with expert advice and professional service.

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Great guys, very accommodating and thorough – I have highly recommended them to family and friends and I will use them again. Thanks for a great job well done. Cheers.

Max A. in Mount Pleasant

Waterwise Irrigation Systems

Waterwise reticulation specialist

Concerned about your water use?

With the correct sprinkler nozzles, durable drip-lines and an optimised controller, you can save a lot of water and money on your lawn and garden irrigation.

We are water-wise certified – which means we know exactly how to ensure your system is working smarter, not harder.

More on our Repair services…

Reticulation System Repairs

We always start with a thorough assessment of the system, professionally testing your system to detect any issues, along with assessing the condition of your lawn and gardens in order to optimise the water delivery.

If your reticulation system is faulty, you can trust that we will be able to repair it.

We can replace solenoid valves, controllers, sprinklers, and damaged pipes.

We’re also equipped to handle any electrical faults, and solve sprinkler issues and blockages.

Reticulation Maintenance

Just like your car, lawn irrigation and reticulation systems need regular maintenance to ensure they are working correctly year-round.

Especially as the seasons and watering allowances change, you should ensure a qualified technician regularly provides a full checkup. Then you can be confident you controller settings are correct, and there are no faults or leaks which will cause damage or harm to your garden in the long-run.

A regular, preventive visit to ensure the reticulation is working at it’s full potential can save you thousands in repairs and damage to lawn and gardens.

System Replacement

Sometimes, your reticulation system will just need a complete overhaul.

Reticulation systems don’t last forever. The plastics and components age and if your reticulation system is old or is frequently causing problems, you might want to look into getting a new system professionally installed.

Our technicians will be able to advise whether it is worth it to repair your current system, or if not, we will provide a firm quote to replace your system.

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Expert reticulation repairs and replacements

Let Perth Reticulation Experts ensure your irrigation system is running effeciently and effectivly.

Whether you need reticulation repairs and maintenance or a completely new reticulation system, you can trust us to provide quality parts, professional installation, and excellent results.

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