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Perth Reticulation Experts is a team you can trust when it comes to professional irrigation and reticulation repairs and maintenance. From fixing leaks to replacing sprinklers, controllers and more – we’ll take care of it.

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Our technicians deliver expert retic repairs in Perth – for any issues or faults your system may be experiencing. If it’s broken, we’ll fix it.

  • Repair and replace solenoid valves
  • Rewire, fix and set up controllers,
  • Repair and add sprinklers
  • Fix damaged, leaking pipes
  • Detect and locate solenoid valves.
  • Improve water coverage
  • Optimise your system…
  • And more!

No matter how tricky the repair job required, our technicians can handle it and leave your system working effectively for you.


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Irrigation and Reticulation Repair & Servicing Fees

We charge a $150 call-out fee which includes the first 15-mins on site, then it is $35 every 15-minutes after this + parts. 

This covers the labour of an experienced Reticulation Technician, equipped with all tools and equipment required for your service.

Trust us to fix your problem – no matter how complex! 

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We are Waterwise Certified Garden Irrigators!

We can help you claim a Leak Allowance, claim rebates and offers from the Water Corporation and more.

Reticulation Repair Quote?

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot quote on repairs due to the nature of the work, so please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to set a budget cap on the works (e.g. maximum 2-hrs onsite).

Our policy is that our technicians will simply keep working until your system is repaired and working perfectly for you!

Replacement parts are charged additionally as required.

Specialist equipment (trenchers, solenoid trackers, etc.) will be charged additionally if required to expedite your work.   

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If it’s broken – we can fix it.

While some reticulation repairs are more urgent than others, whenever your reticulation system is not up to scratch, the resulting impact on the health of your garden is just as serious! It’s hard enough to keep your garden green in our tough Perth climate – the last thing you need is your irrigation system letting you down.

Whatever is wrong with your system, our technicians can provide repairs and any replacement parts you need, along with expert advice and professional service. We specialise in water-wise reticulation systems. Our team not only fixes the problem but can also suggest improvements to make your system water-efficient.

A phone call away, our reticulation and irrigation repair services help restore the health of your garden. You can reach out to us for maintenance services as well. Our team will keep your garden at home or lawn in front of your shop or office well-irrigated year-round, increasing the kerb appeal of your property.

Retic repair in Attadale

In addition, we match our team’s high level of workmanship with equally high-standard replacement parts. Such parts assure you that you will enjoy a functional irrigation system for your garden or lawn for a long time.

Whether you have just transferred to a new property and want to improve its existing system, or have experienced leaks and other inefficiencies in your current reticulation, you can count on our expertise.

Reticulation Repair & Servicing FAQs

What types of reticulation repairs can you do?

From standard repairs such as leaks in your reticulation system, a controller that suddenly stopped working or a station that won’t turn off, to sprinkler heads that need to be replaced, we can handle all types of reticulation system repairs. 

Alongside repairs we can also provide:

  • System general health checks to make sure your reticulation system is in good shape
  • System optimisations; from extensions to cover additional areas or reworking your system to improve coverage
  • System diagnosis; have an issue that no one has been able to figure out or repair? That’s where Perth Reticulation Experts specialises. 

In short, if it’s reticulation-related, we can take care of it for you. 

Can you repair commercial reticulation systems or just residential systems?

It doesn’t matter whether your system has 4 stations or 100, we can repair, service and maintain all types of irrigation systems. Just let us know at the time of booking if you have a larger system/property so we can send out 2 technicians and make the service much more efficient and cost-effective for you. 

Can you diagnose reticulation system faults if I don’t know what is wrong?

We specialise in it! While you might see a symptom (this part isn’t working, my system won’t turn on, there is a leak, etc.), our team will test, assess, diagnose and then repair – whatever the issue really is.

Quite often, once we have fixed a leak and restored pressure to the system, it then allows us to see other issues and we can fix them on the spot for you as well – we won’t just fix the one problem and then leave the rest to you! Sometimes a leak might be a solenoid valve that doesn’t close properly, or it might be a bigger pump/system issue – we will always look for the root cause and do our best to fix it so it doesn’t happen again.  

Can you locate my solenoids?

Absolutely. We are one of the few reticulation companies in Perth that are equipped with specialised solenoid locator equipment and our technicians are trained on how to use them effectively.

This means that what might take another company half a day or more to do manually, can take our team just hours, sometimes less. This significantly reduces the cost to you and the team can spend more time actually working on your system instead of searching for parts of it!

We can also provide you with a professionally drawn up plan of your system for future repairs, or mark the locations on your property plans if provided. 

What if I don't know if my reticulation system can be fixed or needs to be totally replaced?

That’s ok, our expert reticulation technicians will figure that out for you. Just let us know if you are unsure at the time of booking and we’ll make sure the technician knows to repair it on the spot if that is possible/the best option, or assess and provide a quote for a new system if that is the better option.

We don’t like putting bandaids on if a long-term solution is required. Our guys will let you know what they recommend – which sometimes might be putting a few bandaids on to get you through summer, and then we use the winter turn-off time to overhaul your system so it’s ready to get you through many more summers to come.

What types of parts do you use to repair systems?

We source all our parts and equipment from specialised irrigation and reticulation suppliers and trusted reticulation brands – we won’t be fixing your system using anything from Bunnings!

While they may add a little bit more to the initial cost, they will do their job better and last much longer than cheaper alternatives – we know because we’ve used both and seen the results ourselves. Quality always wins in both performance and value for money in the long run. 

Will I need to be home when the technician is here?

As long as there are no dogs on the property and you are able to leave access to the property open, along with access to the water main/controller etc. then our technicians will be able to attend and do the work required without you being there – not a problem.

Whatever notes you can give us over the phone while completing your booking are more than enough for our experts to then do their own assessment, identify the issue and get it fixed for you.  

Will I be charged if the reticulation technician needs to go buy parts during my service?

Our technicians come out to you in fully-equipped vehicles that are stocked with all the parts and materials required for the majority of our services – so they can get straight to work until the repairs are completed.

In the unlikely cases that they need something specific, it is usually for a larger, more complex repair and we can provide a quote to come back and complete the repairs once we have sourced the parts required. This doesn’t happen very often, 9 times out of 10 you’ll have your system repaired and back up and running on the spot.

Can You Provide Regular Maintenance?

Just like your car, lawn irrigation and reticulation systems need regular maintenance to ensure they are working correctly year-round. Especially as the seasons and watering allowances change, you should ensure a qualified technician regularly provides your Perth property with a full irrigation maintenance check-up.

We have a team of experienced technicians who can handle virtually every reticulation issue. Our team uses the latest equipment to ensure a proper, careful system evaluation. Depending on the full check-up, our team will suggest necessary system repairs and affordable upgrades.

Reach out to us so that we can schedule you for regular maintenance. It’s better to detect and fix minor issues before they turn into severe, costly problems. With us, you can be confident your controller settings are correct, and there are no faults or leaks which will cause damage or harm to your garden in the long-run.

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When it comes to reticulation repairs and maintenance services in Perth, trust only the experts.

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