Winter Is Coming; and knowing the right winter lawn care strategies during this colder season could make or break the look of your lawn now, and as we head into spring.

An automatic irrigation system is the perfect way to keep things green during summer, but what happens when you have to turn it off in winter- and how do you then keep your lawn happy and healthy?

Here are some of our experts tips for Winter lawn care:

1. Don’t Stop Mowing

I know we are in Perth and a dramatic temperature change doesn’t happen, but it is already getting chilly, especially at night, leaves are falling and you’re looking at winter ahead with a little bit of dread in your heart.

But although you want to hide inside from the chill, this doesn’t mean it’s time to stop mowing. In fact, keep it up.

As it gets colder, start dropping that mower blade lower for the last two cuttings.

This gets the crowns of the grass and the soil more access to the precious sunlight. And there will be less of the top to die and weigh down the stalks.

But, don’t trim off more than 1/3 of the grass leaf at a time. This isn’t good for your grass.

2. Aerate Like A Boss

Aeration helps rain water get down to the roots of your grass to get the best lawn.

If you do this you’re helping your lawn have access to every bit of water it needs for the winter and will prepare it for the spring when it gets drier and warmer again.

If you really want to help your lawn get the most out of aeration in the warmer months, install a water irrigation system too. This gives your lawn the best chance of accessing the right amount of water it needs, when it needs it.

Doing this will help you have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

3. Rake Those Leaves

If you let your leaves stay on the lawn two things will happen.

One, you’ll have a nasty, slimy mess to walk through during winter, and to clean up come spring time. And two, your lawn won’t have as much access to the sunshine, air and water it needs.

Your lawn uses photosynthesis to stay green and healthy . This turns the sun’s energy into nutrients the plant needs to grow and stay alive, so if it gets covered up with leaves, this won’t happen.

If you don’t want to use good old-fashioned elbow grease to rid your lawn of leaves, get a mulching mower. These mowers suck up the leaves multiple times over and turn them into particles. This is actually good for your lawn, and acts as an organic mulch which your lawn will love – just don’t cover it too densely otherwise we are back to points one and two above!

4. Fertilize For A Happy Winter Lawn

Your grass needs food just like you do. This food for grass is fertiliser. Fertiliser contains essential chemicals grasses use to stay healthy.

Use fertiliser that promote healthy root growth but wait till mid Autumn to do this and don’t miss a spot.


A healthy lawn is a beautiful thing. Don’t let it go to waste because you skipped its Autumn maintenance.

If you think it’s time for a water irrigation system this fall, contact us. We’ll help you out.