If you’ve got a green thumb, you care about your garden.

But a normal sprinkler or just walking around with a hose won’t cut it. This is especially true if you have a large garden.

You need a water irrigation system that will stop you wasting water and look after your garden even when you aren’t around.

Did you know that in Western Australia we use around 40% of our drinking water in the gardens?

Those are horrendously large numbers, so it’s time we started becoming water-wise and implementing waterwise irrigation.

1. Deliver Water To The Root Zone With WaterWise Irrigation

One of the greatest inventions in gardening were the soaker hose and drip irrigation systems.

drip line watering system Perth

These systems allow a good 90% of the water to get to your plants’ roots. Compare this to the 40-50% that gets to your plants’ roots with a sprinkler system of some sort.

You’re looking to reduce evaporation and keep those areas between plants dry. If you can do this, you minimize weed growth as well. The weed seeds have no moisture to help them spawn and take root in your soils.

You can do this with an automated, drip line irrigation system. Make sure to have it professionally installed and optimised so you know it meets all your gardens needs, and is getting the right amount of water everywhere it is needed.

2. Add Organic Matter To Your Soils

All soil is permissible, but not all soil is beneficial. Too bad that’s not actually a gardening proverb. But you can go ahead and write it down.

Sand and clay are probably the worst soils to plant in on the face of the earth. One is like a sieve, the other is like a sponge. And neither of them are great at getting the water to your roots. But if you live here in Perth like we do, you are all too familiar with both.

fallen leaves garden mulch Perth

If you’re going to install a waterwise irrigation system, it pays to make your soil ready to accept the water you’re putting in it.Add organic matter to the soil to enrich it.

Leaves, compost, manures, all of these things will improve the texture of your soil and increase the water holding capacity.

Make sure you add an inch every year. It’s really good for those plants.

Organic mulch is great for cutting water needs, even when you have a waterwise irrigation system installed.

These mulches will increase that humidity around your plants by retaining water.

Read here for a great article on the benefits of mulch in your garden here in Perth.


Conclusion: Get A Waterwise Irrigation System

Like we said at the beginning, your garden deserves all the water you put in it. And that’s why you need an efficient water system.

Don’t wait another minute. If you need a new waterwise irrigation system, contact us.