In this comparison, we will be having a look at our most popular and used product: The MP Rotator nozzle, versus the traditional spray nozzle.

At Perth Reticulation Experts, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality products. All our technicians are qualified and up to date on the latest products and methods available in irrigation.

Using the correct products in your irrigation system is more important than using the cheapest or easiest.

We look at the long-term results:

  • Will it need regular replacement?
  • Is it waterwise?
  • Will it offer the most thorough irrigation and keep every area of the lawn and garden beds healthy?


Because of this, we favour the MP Rotator over regular sprinkler heads, and here’s why…

Created by Hunter Industries, the MP Rotator is an alternative to traditional sprinklers and pop up sprinklers, with multi-trajectory rotating streams which deliver water at a steady rate. By using this slower application method of 10mm/hr, water is able to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb fully. This also reduces runoff and lessens soil erosion. The large droplet streams are excellent in windy areas proving far better coverage, uniformity, and save water.

By replacing normal spray heads with the MP Rotator, we can give our clients water savings of up to 30%.

Here’s an example of a standard spray nozzle versus the MP Rotator, to show you the difference between a top-performing product, and a common one:

Standard Spray Nozzle
MP Rotator
Range of Radius 1.5m to 5.2m 1.8m to 10.7m
Application Rate –
e.g. for a 4.5 meter radius
full circle reticulation nozzle
15.81 litres per minute (LPM) 3.71 litres per minute (LPM)
Typical Retic Run Time 9-12 minutes 45-55 minutes
Pros Cheap
Quick run time
Large throw radius
Low precipitation rate
Less affected by wind
Save water
Can run more per station
Cons Affected by wind draft
(you may be watering your paths and street)
Applies water too quickly
Uses a lot of water
(need to split the retic system into more stations)
More expensive

If we find the best product – we will use it for our clients. Even if it costs a little more in the beginning, they see us less often because it performs better in the long-run.

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